Bungy Jump


There are very few safe things in this world that can give an instant burst of excitement like bungy jumping can.

Some people do it because they love the “adrenaline high” while others do it simply to prove to themselves that they can. Whatever the motivation all have a wonderful experience that will stay with them for life.

The Jungle Bungy Jump at the X-Centre rises 50 metres above attractive landscaped gardens centred around a lagoon. You get a fantastic view of the Chiang Mai countryside from the top and if 50 metres does not sound high to you, just wait until you see the ant-sized people below you.

Lower prices than most other countries, a beautiful location and high safety standards make the Jungle Bungy Jump a great place to take the “leap of faith” that you will never forget

About the Chiang Mai Jungle Bungy

The bungy tower is a custom-built structure with a fixed and stable electronic platform that carries jumpers comfortably seated to the jump height of 50 metres.

Although it may resemble a crane it is not. It is a permanent structure with deep steel-reinforced concrete foundations for absolute safety. It was specifically designed for bungy jumping and, unlike crane-bungies, jumpers do NOT leap from a cage swinging on a cable. It’s a design that’s been in use by the Jungle Bungy since 1992 and has proved itself with an excellent safety record.

Bungy Jump Special Package

All jump options come with insurance and a certificate of courage but most popular is the bungy package which additionally includes the ever popular Jungle Bungy shirt and a CD full of photos that record the whole bungy experience from weigh-in to certificate award.

Also a popular choice is the movie DVD. Purchased separately, this DVD filmed by our staff will show the whole experience from start to finish in qualty video.

Bungy Jumping Safety

All training of jumpmasters is overseen by the X-Centre’s manager, Ian Rauner. Ian was involved in the early days of Bungy Jumping in New Zealand and was registered as jumpmaster No 017 with the Standards Association of New Zealand on 19 July 1991 according to “The Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping” NZS 5848.

Jungle Bungy Jump is the original bungy operator in Thailand. The Chiang Mai bungy has an excellent safety record and full public insurance is included as part of any bungy jump package.

Bungy Prices


The Bungy Experience

You shuffle nervously to the edge of the platform, look down and it really hits home how high up you are – everything on the ground looks so tiny just like when you’re in a plane.

Against all your instincts you leap into space and feel a massive rush of adrenaline as you plummet at incredible speed towards the water. Just when you think its all going to end very badly you feel the tension increase on the bungy cord and you are pulled up just short of disaster and shot back into the sky.

About this time you hear the cheers of your friends on the ground and you start to feel wonderful. You’ve just conquered your fear and done something that only a few people are brave enough to do. You’re a bungy jumper.

Tandem Bungy Jump

Jumping on your own is tremendous fun but if you prefer to share the experience with a friend you can choose to do a tandem jump. As well as doubling the laughter, some people just find it easier to go through the experience of a first jump if they have the support of another.

Get Wet or Stay Dry

If jumping off a platform 165 feet high is not quite exciting enough on its own you can ask the jumpmasters to calibrate so that you are dunked in the lake at the cord’s maximum extension.

The jumpmasters will always check with you before setting up the jump so fear not. You will not get wet unless you want to.

Bungy for Large Groups

Bungy jumping is an ideal activity for large groups. Almost as much fun as actually jumping can be cheering or jeering your mates while they contemplate the wisdom of taking the big leap.

We can accommodate sizeable groups on the day but we do recommend that advance notice is given so we can arrange free transport and any catering if needed. If sufficient people jump then discount can be negotiated.

Watching the Bungy Fun

The bungy is located in a very pleasant garden setting with plenty of seating surrounding the lagoon which allows an excellent view of each bungy jump. Whether alone or in a group its a great place to relax with a drink or two and watch the fun.

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