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Off road buggies

Off road buggyIf you're looking for a Chiang Mai tour or adventure of a different kind then our off-road buggy treks could be just what you're looking for.

You can drive or ride as a passenger in one of our all-terrain buggies as our guides take you high into the jungle-covered hills of Chiang Mai. Its extreme fun and sure to test your nerve and driving skill.

Driving the buggies through the jungle is certainly fun but for many people the Chiang Mai scenery that few others ever get to see is just as big a thrill.

The Off-Roaders

Buggy driven hard through the ford.The 250cc 2-seater buggies have rugged independent suspension and automatic gearboxes making them very easy to drive.

Light and nimble with a low centre of gravity its amazing the tough terrain and steep inclines they can take on making them perfect for Chiang Mai's jungle trails.

For safety, the buggies have full roll cages and racing style seats with four-point harnesses. As an additional precaution all occupants are issued with quality crash helmets.

1000cc Super Buggies

The X-Centre also has a small number of 1000cc machines available. These new generaton buggies drive beautifully and have the power to handle the absolute toughest terrain challenges.

Due to the high cost of replacement they are available for special trips only to proven drivers or repeat customers. All Drivers must be licensed and experienced. A deposit will be held in case unreasonable damage is incurred.

*** UPDATE *** August 2011 : We have increased the fleet of Super Buggies and now offer them as the main rental vehicle. The older cars may still be available at a reduced fee for a limited time but this would be by negotiation.

Adventure Trails to Suit You

Buggy tour through the Chiang Mai countryside.We have a number of different adventure trails available of varying degrees of difficulty.

Normally the route chosen will depend on variables such as weather conditions and the required duration of the tour. However, if you wish, you can discuss the available route options beforehand with the X-Centre staff so that the best choice to suit the members of the driving party can be made.

Group Adventure Treks

Buggy convoy ready to roll at the Chiang Mai X-Centre

The X-Centre has a big fleet of buggies so can accommodate large groups wanting to share an off-road adventure. The cars travel along the trails following a guide in the lead car. In the trailing car there will be another guide ready to assist should any drivers experience difficulties.

Booking is not essential but is appreciated and allows us to have the correct number of cars prepared and ready to go in advance.

Driving safely

Airborne buggy in Chiang MaiThe off-road buggy tours are run at a leisurely pace with a guide car at the front and rear of the convoy.

As the tours head into remote areas of the countryside over sometimes very rugged terrain sensible driving is absolutely crucial.

Most people find the terrain sufficiently challenging without feeling the need to drive recklessly. Providing the guide's lead and instructions are followed the trips are fun and quite safe.

The man in the picture is demonstrating what the buggies are capable of but his driving style would not be encouraged on one of the tours.

Chiang Mai Off Road Buggy Treks

Off road buggies travelling through the chiang mai jungle.

There are two off-road tour options. One lasts from one to one and a half hours and takes a route that is suitable for anyone that is competent driving a normal road car. The other trek takes at least two hours and goes over much more demanding terrain but should still be within the ability of most confident road drivers.

Whichever option you choose you will see some beautiful countryside and parts of Chiang Mai inaccessible by most means of transport.

Each tour starts in the X-Centre car park where drivers are briefed and kitted out with jumpsuits and crash helmets. The cars then head off in single file convoy formation following an X-Centre guide in the lead car.

The Advanced Buggy Trek

Bugyy crossing water in Chiang Mai

The advanced off-road tour takes around two hours. This trip goes through jungle trails that lead into the hills where Chiang Mai's hill-tribe people live. The terrain can be challenging at times and includes some steep inclines, water crossings and narrow hillside tracks.

Its all well within the capabilities of the buggies and experienced road drivers generally handle the conditions with ease but If a particular stretch proves too troublesome the guides are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Another feature of this trip is the stunning scenery and great views available from the highest points. Because of this there are plenty of pauses along the way to allow drivers to enjoy it to the full.

The Shorter Buggy Tour

Short buggy tour

Although the terrain covered in the shorter trips is a step or two down in difficulty to the advanced trip, there is still plenty rugged stuff to enjoy. We have a good range of routes available and endeavour to choose the best fit for the drivers' albilities.

These trips take around one to one and a half hours and can lead through jungle trails, banana plantations and the lower parts of the densly forested Chiang Mai hills.

Off Road Fun for Non-Drivers

Familly offroading in Chiang Mai

The buggies are two-seater so non-drivers can travel as passengers. Two people sharing the adventure can make the experience even more memorable as there's sure to be lots to talk and laugh about along the way.

1000cc Super Buggy Prices

1 Hour Trip
Per Car : 4500 baht

This trip is suitable for beginners and people wanting a more leisurely off road experience

2 Hour Trip
Per Car : 7000 baht

A testing offroad adventure suitable for experienced drivers confident in their ability to handle tough terrain.

Super Buggies

Due to the high replacement cost of these buggies a 5000 baht deposit is required. This will be refunded upon completion of the trip as long as no damage is incurred.