Indoor Drift Karts

Lady enjoys drift go-karts in Chiang Mai

Go racing in the latest "drifter" go- karts. Unlike ordinary go karts, these cars are designed to slide on a specially prepared track surface and, once you get the knack, you'll have great fun sliding the speedy little machines around our twisting circuit.

The cars were introduced along with our new indoor racing arena as a complete replacement to the outdoor karts which means that there is no longer any need to worry about the weather !

Its great entertainment for groups who want to race each other but its also fun for individuals who just want to go screaming round the track against the clock or just for the fun of it.

The cars are easy to drive and can be driven by both youngsters (min. age 9yrs) and adults. There are also 2-seater cars available. No previous experience is necessary.

The Drifter Karts

Single seater drift kart

The go karts are specifically designed to run on the high tech coated surface of our race track. Though strongly built they are still lightweight with a potent petrol engine that makes four wheel drifting around corners a breeze.

The controls are very simple which means no previous experience is necessary. If driven slowly the cars are easy to steer but it usually only takes a few laps before drivers are drifting round the track like pros.

double seater drift kart

To encourage people to drive safely we award extra time for good driving which usually means no crashes.

Please note that its still possible to drive fast, drift round corners and be a safe driver.

We also have tiny "Krazy Karts" available for small children which are still allow a lot of fun to be had but at a much slower speed.

The Drift Karting Experience

taking a bend in gokart at chiangmai xcentre

Before starting off, the karting supervisor will demonstrate how the karts are driven. There are two controls - one is the brake and the other is the accelerator. As long as you can remember which is which you're pretty much ready to hit the track.

The first thing that hits you is how peppy the little karts are so a cautious lap or two is a good idea to get used to the power and handling. A few more laps getting steadily faster and most people feel confident enough to start "hanging it out" on the corners and thats when the fun really begins.

Drive them flat out and you'll actually feel like you've had a workout afterwards as the constantly twisting track not only requires maximum concentration but also creates the same G-forces that racing drivers experience.

The Race Track

chiangmai x-centre gokart track

The X-Centre's race arena is completely covered making the karting an all weather activity.

The surface of the track has a special polymer coating for which the cars are specifically designed. The combination of car and track surface makes controlled sliding very easy.

Electronic lap timing is installed and team races can be organised for groups upon request.

Racing for Groups

Starting a kart team Race at the X-Centre

Tearing around the track on your own can be a lot of fun but if you are with a group you have the option of staging races or time trialling to see who can do the fastest lap.

There are plenty of karts available to cater for larger groups and our staff will be happy to help organise races and timing if desired.

Off Road Fun for Non-Drivers

chiang mai xcentre gokarts dad and son

Provided a child is big enough to be secured safely in the car and they are 9yrs or over then they can drive a kart.

Children under 9yrs and who are large enough for the safety belt may ride as a passenger in one of the 2-seater cars.

Indoor Drift Kart Prices

For approx. 15 minutes :

  • 800 baht - single-seater kart
  • 1000 baht - double-seater kart

To discourage recklessness extra time may be awarded for good driving.

Please note that these prices are guaranteed only for customers booking direct with us via the website or by phone on 053-297700 or 08-78336655.

All X-Centre activity prices can be viewed on the Bookings & Prices page.

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