Off Road Buggies & ATVs

X-Centre CFMoto crosses a ford in Chiang Mai

If you're looking for a Chiang Mai tour or adventure of a different kind then our off-road buggy treks could be just what you're looking for.

You can drive or ride as a passenger in one of our all-terrain super-buggies or the latest CFMoto UTVs as our guides take you high into the jungle-covered hills of Chiang Mai. Its extreme fun and sure to test your nerve and driving skill.

Driving the buggies through the jungle is certainly fun but for many people the Chiang Mai scenery that few others ever get to see is just as big a thrill.

The Off Road Vehicles

Off road fleet at the X-centre in Chiang Mai

Our 2 & 4-seater buggies all have rugged independent suspension and automatic gearboxes making them very easy to drive. Light and nimble with a low centre of gravity its amazing the tough terrain and steep inclines they can take on making them perfect for Chiang Mai’s jungle trails.

For safety, the buggies have full roll cages and racing style seats with four-point harnesses. As an additional precaution all occupants are issued with quality crash helmets.

Any of the vehicles can be used in our Moto park as an alternative to taking part in an organised tour.


Off road buggy at the X-centre in Chiang Mai

The CFMoto Terracros 625 and 800 buggies offer a perfect mix of power, comfort, agility and fun. Thanks to their compact dimensions, generous ground clearance (300 mm) and the low weight they are able to deal effortlessly with any type of conditions. Their off road abilities are further enhanced by the massive wheels and big knobbly tyres.

Ergonomics are also superb being equipped with adjustable sport seats and a tilt-steering wheel for driver and passenger comfort.

1000cc Super Buggies

1000cc offroad buggy at chiangmai x-centre

The X-Centre also has a number of 1000cc "Super Buggys" available.

Though an older generation compared to the CFMoto machines, these buggies still drive beautifully and have the power to handle the absolute toughest terrain challenges.


ATV off road tours from the X-Centre

We have several ATVs of varying size and power to choose from such as the grunty CFMoto C-Force 450, the agile Ranger 200 as well as smaller machines rideable by youngsters.

Our fleet is constantly being updated so don't be surprised to see even more options when you arrive !

The Off-Road Tour

off-road buggy action in chiangmai

The tour lasts from one to one and a half hours and covers terrain that can be tackled by anyone that is competent driving a normal road car.

Each group starts in the X-Centre car park where drivers are briefed and kitted out with jumpsuits and crash helmets. The cars then head off in single file convoy formation following an X-Centre guide in the lead car.

There are several different routes available with plenty of challenges to enjoy. Staff and will endeavour to select one that best suits the driver's desired difficulty level.

Time-taken is around one to one and a half hours and can lead through jungle trails, banana plantations and the lower parts of the densly forested Chiang Mai hills.

Group Adventure Trips

Big group getting ready for an off road adventure in Chiang Mai

The X-Centre has a big fleet of buggies so can accommodate large groups wanting to share an off-road adventure.

The cars travel along the trails following a guide in the lead car.

In the trailing car there will be another guide ready to assist should any drivers experience difficulties.

After the journey is complete there's plenty of seating in the bar/ restaurant area for the team to relax and discuss their experiences over a hearty meal or with a nice cold drink.

Adventure Trails to Suit You

Mountain trail on an X-Centre off road tour

We have a number of different adventure trails available with varying degrees of difficulty.

Normally the route chosen will depend on variables such as weather conditions and the required duration of the tour. However, if you wish, you can discuss the route options beforehand with the X-Centre staff so that the best choice to suit the members of the driving party can be made.

Off Road Fun for Non-Drivers

chiang mai xcentre 4-seater off-road

Two or more people sharing the adventure can make the experience even more memorable as there's sure to be lots to talk and laugh about along the way.

For non-drivers there are two or 4-seater buggies and some of larger ATVs can carry a single pillion passenger.

Pricing is done per vehicle rather than per person so customers are free to swap driver / passenger roles as many times as they like during an activity or excursion.

Off Road Buggy, UTV & ATV Prices

1 Hour Tour Prices :

  • 5500 baht - CFMoto UTV
  • 4500 baht - 1000cc Super Buggy
  • 6500 baht - 4-Seater Buggy
  • 2000 baht - ATV Single-Seater
  • 3200 baht - ATV Double-Seater

ATV 30 Minutes Track-Time Only :

  • 1600 baht - ATV Single-Seater
  • 1900 baht - ATV Double-Seater

Please note that these prices are guaranteed only for customers booking direct with us via the website or by phone on 053-297700 or 08-78336655.

All X-Centre activity prices can be viewed on the Bookings & Prices page.

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