Paintballer finds a target

If you haven't experienced a paintball war before you won't believe how much fun it can be and how much it can get the heart pumping.

All you need is at least one friend to be your "enemy" and you're ready to go. We'll outfit you with top quality protective gear and rapid fire guns then its up to you. The game is simple - "kill" or "be killed".

The X-Centre has the largest paint ball war zone in Chiang Mai. Loaded with strategically placed bunkers, defensible structures and natural jungle cover, the area is big enough to handle groups of practically any size.

Paintball for Team Building

Teambuildin at Chiangmai Paintball

Paintball is particularly popular world-wide for corporate team-building exercises. Why ? To succeed or "survive", team strategy and cooperation are essential.

What better skills for a business to encourage in its employees? Its also a lot of fun which makes it a great ice-breaker so even if strategies fail friendships are made.

If you are thinking of organising a team-building event or have a large group of people you need entertained please don't hesitate to contact the X-Centre for further details.

The Paintball Experience

Nice shot at Chiangmai Paintball

Before you enter the war zone and the games begin an X-Centre staff member briefs all players on the rules of engagement.

Time is then given for players to position themselves before the action starts. When it does, it hits home that you are now a target and suddenly it ceases to feel like a game. Your pulse quickens and your senses sharpen. Its time to take cover and find the enemy before they find you !

Whether you play one on one or in a large game with multiple teams its the thinking players with good strategies that usually emerge victorious. But at the end of the day its not real war and even the losers are grinning after simply having just plain good fun.

Paintball Equipment

chiangmai x-centre paintball equipment

All combatants are issued with full-face protective headgear and team- coordinated camo-suits so clothes and sensitive areas of the body are protected.

The gas-powered paintball guns (also called a paintball marker) are top quality being rapid-fire with excellent range and lots of punch !

After a match combatants can freshen up with a hot shower in the X-Centre and perhaps realax with a meal or drink in the large restaurant bar area.

Paintball Target Range

paintball target range in Chiangmai

Whether you want to practice your aim or simply let off steam the paintball target range is the ideal place to do it.

There's no need to take part in a paintball game, just buy a bag of paintballs and go for it.

And for kids too young to tolerate the sting of paintball hits in the warzone it can be an ideal alternative.

Paintball Games

Paintball team games at the X-Centre in Chiangmai

There are a number of different paintball games that can be played depending on the number of players and teams involved.

Most popular are "capture-the-flag" and straight "elimination" but our staff will be happy to discuss and referee other scenarios.

Paintball Prices

Pricing is by the number of paintballs used :

  • 800 baht - 100 paintballs. protective gear and paintball marker (paintball gun)

Reloads can be purchased in batches of 100 and can be used either in the warzone or on the target range.

Please note that these prices are guaranteed only for customers booking direct with us via the website or by phone on 053-297700 or 08-78336655.

All X-Centre activity prices can be viewed on the Bookings & Prices page.

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