Trail Bikes

Chiang Mai trail bike riders

Motorcyle tours with a difference. Ride our Kawasaki trail bikes through some of Chiang Mai's most untamed and beautiful areas.

We run short guided adventure tours that take you along jungle trails and up into the hill tribe regions. There's plenty of rugged terrain to ensure even the most experienced riders' skills are tested but just as thrilling for many is seeing parts of Thailand not seen by most tourists.

The trips are tailored to suit the desires and ability of each rider as there several route choices available to us. They each have varying degrees of difficulty but all take the rider through lovely parts of the countryside that will give a truly memorable experience.

The Trail Bikes


We have now replaced the entire fleet of bikes with the latest Kawasaki dirt bike models. Riders can choose either the KLX250 or smaller riders may prefer the fantasically fun little KLX 150.

We have enough motorcycles available to cater for large groups but, if needed, further bikes can be provided as long as advance warning is given.

Should a customer prefer a bike of a different make and size then please contact us before arrival as we have a quite a number of other options available. Price would be by negotiation based on the individual requirement.

Chiang Mai Motorcycle Treks

Trail bike rider raises a wheel in Chiang Mai

Before embarking on a trip, riders will be queried as to their experience level so a route of the correct difficulty level can be chosen. If the customer is unsure of their ability a short test-ride can be staged at the X-Centre so the tour guide can make recommendations.

Once kitted out, the bike group heads off for a short road trip before turning off the tarmac and the fun really starts. Travel through plantations and along jungle trails as you head toward the high ground where the hill tribes live.

Its a great way to see Chiang Mai and its also a great way to meet fellow bikers and make friends.

Safety Equipment

Traibike Gear

These are off road trips so safety gear is particularly important. We supply quality helmets, boots, gloves and elbow & knee protectors. If required, we can also issue riders with overalls to protect their own clothing.

Following the trips hot showers are available and, if needed, we sell a range of clothing items including underwear and socks for people who want to feel "fresh" but did not bring a change with them.

One Hour Motorcycle Tour

Enjoying the scenery on a Chiang Mai trail bike tour

The standard trip we offer takes around one hour depending on weather and ground conditions.

Its quite an intense trek and covers a large area but we can, by arrangement, select a longer route that will last approx. 2hours if desired.

As an additional option riders may elect to spend part or all of the tour time on our custom "Moto Track". See below for more information.

Fun & Training on the Moto Track

Trail biker on the X-Centre Moto Track

Our 9-acre Moto Park provides a great place to learn or gain confidence if riding off-road is new to you.

If you wish to take the bike tour but are not sure of your abilities then our staff will be happy to spend time tutoring you on the moto track trails.

Trail Bike Prices

Prices Include protective gear, insurance and a tour guide

  • 2500 baht - 1 HR trip, track or training
  • 4500 baht - 2 HR trip, track or training

Please note that these prices are guaranteed only for customers booking direct with us via the website or by phone on 053-297700 or 08-78336655.

All X-Centre activity prices can be viewed on the Bookings & Prices page.

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