getting ready to roll at the X-Centre Xorb

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had a massive beach ball that you could climb inside of and then go rolling down a hill ?

Probably not many people have but now at the Chiang Mai X-Centre you can do just that at our Xorb attraction and find out how much fun it actually is.

Go single or with a friend and get strapped inside our gigantic Xorb Balls to go for the tumbling, bouncing ride of your life. You can even take them out on the lagoon and “walk on water”.

Safe, fun and loads of laughs, the Xorbs are perfect for both youngsters and adults.

The Xorb Balls

A colourful Xorb ball on the water in Chiang Mai

Our Xorbs are huge inflatable balls 3.3 metres diameter with hollow centres that allow up to two people to ride inside rolling and bouncing down a specially prepared 100 metre slope.

Xorb appeals to all ages and we have plenty of balls available to cater for large business or family groups which makes this activity ideal for getting the party started !

And lets not forget the kids. Xorbing is one of our most popular activities for youngsters.

The Xorb Experience

Strapped into a Xorb ball

When you first see one of our Xorbs the comparison with beach balls is inevitable. But what beach balls ! At 3.3 metres in diameter, the Xorbs are well over double the height of most people.

Riders climb inside the hollow centre and are fastened securely into a harness by the Xorb staff. Give them the ok and you'll be rolled out of the starting gate.

The rush is immediate as you roll up and over really fast as if riding the rim of a wheel. The feeling is remarkably fun and nearly always induces uncontrollable laughter.

Xorb with a Friend

2 People in a Xorb ball at Chiangmai X-Centre

The Xorb can be ridden as a single or in tandem with a friend.

Its fun either way but, as we all know, laughter is contagious so watching your friend giggle and scream their way down the hill inside a Xorb can add even more humour and enjoyment to the experience.

The Xorb Area

X-Centre Xorbing in Chiangmai

The Xorb area is located in attractive landcaped gardens next to a lake. The Xorb Balls are released from a specially constructed platform with a steeply inclined ramp to quickly accelerate the balls to maximum rolling speed.

Once out of the gate they roll and bounce down a hundred metre slope and can, if the rider chooses, continue right out onto the lake at the bottom.

Xorb for Large Groups

Xorbing is a great fun for large groups

Xorb is one of those things that's not just fun to do but also a lot of fun to watch which makes it a great activity for groups of friends to engage in. We have plenty of Xorbs to keep the turnaround time short for even the largest party.

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