Fun for Kids


The X-Centre is very happy to see family groups visit and have plenty of fun things to do for children of all ages.

On this page you can see what’s on offer for them but even if your children are too young to take part in the activities we still have a mini playground with rope bridge and mini flying fox as well as a large garden area for them to run around in and enjoy themselves.

We also have plenty of food and kid’s favourites such as ice creams and soft drinks available.

Mini Extreme

Depending on age and size there are a range of “Mini Extreme” activities suitable for children. Details of age and weight restrictions can be found in the activity descriptions throughout this page.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of an activity for your children our staff are always happy to discuss the matter and make recommendations. Please also do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form if you need further information in advance of your visit.

Birthday Parties

The X-Centre has become a very popular choice to host children’s birthday parties.

Being a family business we are very used to having children and their friends around the place and our staff have become experts at keeping them entertained. For organised birthday parties we can arrange catering with all the birthday goodies children like as well as entertainment such as clowns and magicians.

Then, of course, there’s the Mini Extreme events such as Xorb and paintball target shooting contests to add even more fun to the party.

For further information please contact us using the enquiry form or call on 053-297700.

Off-Road Buggy as a Passenger

As you need to be a licensed driver to drive the off-road buggies its not an activity suitable for children. However, our buggies are 2-seaters and provided they are large enough to be securely strapped in using the standard 4-point seat harness then they are most welcome to travel as passengers.

Most kids enjoy the experience every bit as much as the adults but we do advise that parents use careful judgement before selecting the advanced terrain trip as some children could get frightened. The shorter less demanding off-road tour is not likely to worry most but it all depends on personality so if you have any doubts please consult with our staff beforehand.

Drifter Karts for the Over-9’s

The drifter go karts are small enough for most children nine years and up to drive. They have very simple accelerator and brake controls that can be mastered in just a few moments. If the child is too young to drive an alternative is to ride as a passenger in one of the 2 seater cars.

Provided that they are driven sensibly the karts are very stable and easy to drive. However, if the child does not act responsibly then there is the potential for injury so it is most important that parental judgment is used before letting your youngster drive one. We award extra time for good driving (no crashes!) and have found this a very successful formula for encouraging them to do so.

Xorb Ball

We set a lower age limit for this at nine years and they must be of sufficient height to be strapped in comfortably.

Its an activity particularly loved by children and, provided they meet the size and age requirement, its one of the most enjoyable activities we have available for youngsters.

Bungy Jump for over 35kgs

No matter what age you are, bungy jumping is just something that some people will never pluck up the courage to do. However, often the young folk will leap without fear and enjoy the experience immensely so its a great activity to consider for adventurous kids.

The only limit we place on bungy jumping is by weight with the lower limit being 35kg. Permission must be provided by the child’s parent or guardian.

Paintball & Paintball Target Shooting

Children must be at least twelve to enter the paintball warzone. We would like parents to also be aware that, although protective gear is provided to guard from serious injuries, paintballs can sting and cause slight bruising if they hit certain parts of the body. It is seen as crucial part of the sport by most enthusiasts.

An alternative to the war zone where nobody gets hurt is the target range. Provided a parent or supervising adult is present then children of all ages can enjoy peppering the targets with paint as the gas powered guns have no recoil and are very easy to use.

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