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10 Years later…..



Well Today Marks 10 Years Together for Myself and Miss Long!!! Now Known as Sudarat Rauner, Nee Inthep But everyone just calls Her “Long”

Hard to believe how fast the Time has gone and What a Journey so far!!! To tell the Truth I probably Love Her More Now than ever, when we first meet I was Probably mainly Lusting after Her!!! We have No Complaints between each other yet Our relationship is Tested Daily with the Dramas and Traumas of Our Staff and Children!!! The only difference between the two is One We Pay to come to Work the Other We Pay for everything and they Live with Us!!! Both require special attention???

We started together with Nothing, I was in recovery Mode from Bad decisions etc and Long just guided Us on the right Path so all Credit for Our advancements must go to Her and Her Smart Business Mind!!! I never really Dreamed We would end up doing what We have and the X-Centre was a Massive Gamble by Us which luckily payed off and it just seemed to keep Developing!!! Hope there are many More Anniversaries to Come!!!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Pauline Rauner

    May 4, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Happy 10th Anv how time does fly catching up on what you have been up to.

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