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Business Down 40% in Chiang Mai!!!



I have been away and had a lot going on so have Neglected My Blog Duties so hope to keep it going again. An Update on the Tourist Situation after the Airport and Political Fiasco is at Present the X-Centre is 40% down on Normal Trade which is an Enormous Amount!!! We hope it doesn’t get worse but i personally believe the Next 6 months will be the True Test and reveal a more accurate forecast??? Fingers Crossed We should be OK and have enough attractions to see us through the Worst of it but there will be an Awful Lot of Businesses that will have to Fold as their Profit Margin is so slim and have such a small Market to pick from? I was in Laos last week and even there they are feeling the Effects of Thailand’s Troubles as Bangkok is one of the Gateways to Neighbouring Countries.  In Luang Prabang it was Quiet and Business Owners Told Me it was Much Slower than Normal with much Less Tourists!!! So Lot’s of Travel Bargains to be Had now so if You have some Spare Bucks take them while you can.

Cheers Ian.

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