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A New Beginning for Drift Karts!!!



We have been planning a New Drift Kart complex for a Long Time now and were thinking about starting Construction about March but due to the Poor State of Our Dirt Track and the Karts We decided to Start Early ( Plus with some Help from Our Bank!!! ) Anyway Our Builders were straight into it, Yesterday they started the Surveying and Removing all the Tyres from the Old Track.

Surveyor at work on New Drift Kart Track at the Chiang Mai X-Centre.

Today they have a Digger and a Tractor to Remove any Trees and Scrub on the location, Looks different without the Tyres doesn’t it???

Digger at Work, New Drift Karts Track.

Clearing Scrub beside the Bungy Jump.

Digger & Tractor at Work, Chiang Mai X-Centre.

All Construction is supposed to be Complete in 2 Months so I have allowed 3 and Should be open again in April. The New Complex will be an Under Roof all Weather Drift Kart Track 70 metres Long by 30 Metres Wide. This will be another First in Thailand and for Chiang Mai X-Centre!!! I have had Special Karts Built and will use them on a Polished and Specially Coated Concrete Floor which will mean You can Drift the Karts just like in the Movie “Tokyo Drift”. It is about the Car Control not so much the Speed although the Cars will be No Slugs!!! Safety and Fun is the Entire Idea!!! Just To Tease You All here is a couple of Shots of the New Karts we will use.

Single Seat Drift Kart.

New Single Seat Drift Kart.

And so You can Take Your Kids for a Spin a Specially Built 2 Seater also!!!

New 2 Seat Drift Kart.

Should be a Lot of Fun once We are finished so I will keep Everyone up to date on Progress. Looking forward to it. Always up for some more New Fun and Adventure!!! Sorry to any Customers who will miss Out on the Dirt Drifters in the Mean time and I apologise for any inconvenience this Construction Period may cause Our Customers!!!

Cheers Ian.


  1. jason king

    October 29, 2013 at 6:23 am

    Hi im in the bahamas trying to start a little track where can i find these type of karts that you have?

    • iankiwi

      October 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

      Just look on the Internet for Drift Karts, there are dozens of Companies making them from all over the World? Depends where is the Nearest to You to keep Costs down? Good Luck.
      Cheers Ian.

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