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A Taxing Day!!!



We had a Large Group Visit Our X-Centre last weekend from the Taxation Department! Luck for Us they were only Here to Have Fun not for Any Official Business! They had a Go at the Paintball and Our Xorb Ball among other things. They Certainly Traveled in Style. They Had Two Flash Buses.

Here is one of them.

Luxury Bus at Chiang Mai

They Loved it here in Mae Rim.

Zorb in Chiang Mai

On The Roll in the Xorb.Zorb Rolling, Chiang Mai Thailand.

They even Got Rolling around on Our Lake, Lots of Fun.

Zorb on the Water, Chiang Mai Thailand.

A Group Photo of those who Did the Xorb. The Rest were Back at the X-Centre Restaurant, Enjoying the Food, Drink and the Air-Conditioning!!!

Tax Department Visit to Chiang Mai X-Centre.

Everyone Had a Great Time and Enjoyed themselves so Hopefully they Will Remember Us when Tax Time Comes around again and give us a little Discount??? All the Best.

Cheers Ian.

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