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Aaron & Amanda’s Buggy Track.



Both Aaron and Amanda have a Small Off Road Buggy which they drive around the Jungle in between the X-Centre and the New “Wild Asia” site. Here they are in their Buggys.

Yesterday I stuck my old Camera on Aaron’s Buggy and got Him to follow Amanda for one loop to take a Video to see what it looked like. It came out not Bad although the Vibration made the Film a bit shakey at times! I told Aaron to speak a bit so You will hear His funny comments occasionally! Actually the Film looks rather Tame compared to Reality! Some of the Banks and Cuttings they go over are really quite Steep and challenging so I think they do pretty well considering Aaron is only 7 years Old and Amanda 9 years! Anyway here is the Video so take a look:

embedded by Embedded Video

Pretty Neat Eh? Hope You enjoyed it.

Cheers Ian.


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