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Amanda Bungy Jumps!



My Kids have been on at Me a few Times to have a Bungy Jump. Amanda is 8yrs and Aaron is 6Yrs. I always tell them it is Sooo High and they will be Very Scared! Anyway they have been up the Tower to the Top a few Times already and were Still Adamant that They want to Jump! I am Normally against Children doing anything to adventurous unless they are fully Sure, Aware and Confident of what they are about to undertake!!! This Thursday Amanda was on about it again so I said Yes let’s do it! I thought when We actually get to the Top She will re-consider and back out so here We Go!!!

After all the Procedures Amanda had Her Legs Wrapped.

I joined Her in the Cage to get Our legs strapped together!

On the way Up Amanda was Her Typical Confident Self and forever the Drama Queen!

Got to the Top and were given Our Instructions and had the Final Checks done before moving to the Edge!

Now I thought Amanda would have second thoughts by Now so I asked Her again and She Said Yes She is Scared but Yes She wants to do it so Off We Jumped!

And Down We went all the Way to the Water Level 50 Metres below!

After the initial first few Bounces Amanda decided to let out a few Yells and Screams of Excitement then started Chattering Excitedly to Me! She really was a Brave Girl for an 8 Year Old!

Everything OK, Peace!

Going Down! Great Views!

Return to Earth and Finally On the Deck again!

Amanda was Ecstatic and So Happy. She was much more relaxed and Calmer than I thought She Would be throughout the Entire event. I suppose Growing Up with everything here at the X-Centre all around them and Seeing all the Attractions everyday they sort of take them for Granted? Now of course Aaron is impatient and Insisting on His Turn! And He is only 6 Years Old! Kids now days!!! Anyway well done Amanda, I am Very Proud of You!!!

Cheers Ian.


  1. Eli Tolhpf

    September 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Hey how are ya???

    Looking forward to seeing you when you come over this month.

    Just checked out the pictures of Amanda doing the bungy jump pretty crazy stuff but good on her!!!

    Catch up soon,

  2. joko HmX

    November 25, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Wow! Congrats Amanda! She has grown so much since I last saw her 3-4yrs ago….hahhaha..she was on her tricycle then, if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, kudos to Amanda!


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