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Amazing Month?



Well what an Amazing Month it has been so Far with Politics and Royalty playing there ever present Part ( “For better or for Worse” ) in Our Lives. The USA changed a Bush for a Black and put Him in the White House? New Zealand Finally Found the Key to Getting Rid of Dragon Lady Helen Clark!!! Unfortunately both Obama and John Keys have Inherited a Real Mess so lets Hope they do better than their Predecessors??? Helen Clark never did anything Good for NZ the entire time She was in Power, She just rode the Crest a Wave during a good Period Economically so in My View anyone would be better!!! I can’t say the Same about Obama and very much Doubt any Good will come of his Time in Power but i would Dearly Love to be proven Wrong???
On a Brighter Note i am Off to Bangkok tonight to Meet my Friends Flying in to Thailand for a 2 week Holiday. In My wisdom i thought why not take them to Pattaya for 3 nights first to let them recover from the Long Flight from NZ and also to Show them the Famous Pattaya Nightlife!!! Again My Best Laid Plans were Ruined, when we were organising this trip back in June we didn’t Know that the Entire Entertainment Scene was going to be Shut down for 3 days because of the Cremation and Funeral arrangements of the Grand Princess who Died a Year ago??? While I have Full Sympathy for the Royal Family and People of Thailand it seems a little Strange to Incur Such a Shutdown of an Entire Country with Little or No Regard for the Thousands of Tourists who are Spread throughout the Country and Provide so much of the Precious GDP for Thailand’s Economy??? But Who am I to Question their Wisdom???
To Make Matters Worse it is My Birthday Tomorrow the 14th and I was Hoping to Have a Great Time Bar Hoping with My Friends but alas that will be Out the Window!!! I will have reached the Grand Age of 47. Been a Long Road since starting my life back in 1961 on the Farm in Tahekeroa New Zealand!!! Well I would Like to Live a few More but in the mean time i will continue to enjoy as much as I Can, Starting with some Beers tonight!!! CHEERS!!!
I will Give a Full Report of their Trip in a Couple of Weeks so Keep well all.


  1. Wim

    November 17, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Hi Ian And still a happy birthday to you i had mine two weeks ago and am right behind you on 46.
    See ya Cheers

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    January 31, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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