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Anzac Day 2010



Anzac Day on the 25th of April. This Year We again decided to go to Kanchanaburi to show Our Respect. As there was a Number of interested Guys I organised a Van again from Chiang Mai and off We went.

First up is the Dawn Ceremony Held in Hell Fire Pass. This is about an Hours Drive from Kanchanaburi so requires getting up at the Ungodly Hour of 3 am. This is to allow enough Time to get there and walk the further Distance down to the Pass itself. Every year it seems to be Growing and as We were a little Late arriving due to some of the Guys inability to Rise!, We couldn’t get as close as Normal. The organisers had placed a Big Screen TV to allow those in the Pass to see the ceremony as well this is the view from where I was.

Some other Photos as it started to get light after the Ceremony was completed!

After this it was back to Kanchanaburi for the Mid Day Ceremony which was strangely brought forward to 10am which most People were unaware of and Missed most of it!!! This is Held in the War Cemetery in the Middle of Town.

Bag Pipes and Bugles were Played.

Afterwards there was a Sausage Barbecue and some Beers for everyone but due to the ever increasing Crowd this is pretty minimal so it was off to the River for Us to Grab a few Beers down by the Historical Bridge!

Even had a Train turn up as We arrived.

The Bridge over River Kwai!!!

Bizarre looking Party Boats travel on the River!

A good Trip and very Moving! Worth a Visit sometime if any of You Australian or New Zealand People out there want to Experience Anzac Day in a Different Location.

Cheers Ian.

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