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Australia Day & Barbecues!




Saturday the 26th was Australia Day so Kiwi John showing some good Anzac Spirit Suggested We have a Barbecue to Celebrate for Our Mates across the Ditch! I asked a few Aussies but seemed like not much interest so We High-Jacked the Occasion and made it a Multi Nation event! Turned out quite well!

Kiwi John played Chef and spent a day or two preparing and He then took control of the Barbecue!

Our staff helped with other Food and preparation.

The people hooked in as soon as it was ready and the Food soon disappeared!

Kiwi John had even gone to the Extent of setting up His Fireworks display once again. Although not to the Massive Extent He had at Our New Years eve Party it was still pretty cool and He caught it on Video as well.

embedded by Embedded Video

A Great Night was had by All.

Sunday evening came around so as the Barbecue was already out Long decided to have another Barbecue for some of the Staff. Great Stuff Yet again! This Time John got to relax and enjoy a Beer while the Cooking was let to Amanda and the Staff.

The Beer isn’t Hers by the way!

Long with some of the Staff waiting for their Food.

So a Great Weekend was had By All!!!

Cheers Ian.

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