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Beware of This Scammer!



Just a Word of Warning to everyone who Buys off the Internet. I have been Buying stuff for Years and I finally got Caught out by this Piece of Human Excrement! I Ordered quite a lot of stuff for My CRF250L at a Friends recommendation and Paid in Full December 2012. US$1100. Anyway after leading Me on for a couple of Months with Excuses etc the Mongrel just stopped all Contact, No reply from His Email and I only ever get a Voice Message from any Telephone Calls!
So Do Not Use this Website:


He Calls Himself Future Man and has also been Called Dave. I have a number of more Colourful Names for the C**T.
Scam Man is more Truthful but less Colourful!
I have since had My Bank take Action so I Cancelled the Credit Card I used and they reissued Me with a New One immediately and they are Now Pursuing Scam Man for My Money! I also have some Friends who are from Federal Police Using their American Associates to Go after the Pudgy little Lowlife!
So Just Be careful when Ordering off the Internet. Good Luck Guys! I will let You know the Outcome of Scam Man!
Feel Free to Copy and Paste this Article on any or Every Website You see Fit! The more Coverage it gets the better so more People are warned and Scum Bag will know We are on to his Little Scam!
Sad as it Could have been a Good Business if He had an Honest Bone in His Body!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Michael

    June 1, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Ian,

    Enjoyed reading your blogs/posts.
    I recently (March) moved here from Seattle and I am interested in picking up a 250L and gear to enjoy some of this great riding here.
    I have a few questions to ask you. If we can ever meet in Chiang Mai, beers on me.


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