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I got a Surprise Visit Yesterday afternoon from an Old Friend Mark. From Wales I meet Mark in Phuket in 1991 while I was setting up the First Bungy Jump on Patong Beach! Amazingly Mark still had My Business Card in His Wallet after 23 Years!

1393984078138 (Small)

We enjoyed a few Beers while chatting about the Great Times We had and How much Phuket has changed in all those Years! He also had a few Old Photos of Us.

At Patong Beach in Phuket 1991!

1393984090587 (Medium)

At the X-Centre in Chiang Mai 2014!

1393984086097 (Small)

Past and Present 23 Years apart!

1393984082352 (Small)

A Photo of Our First Bungy Site set up on Patong Beacxh Phuket Thailand 1991.

IMG (Medium)

And another one of the rest of Our Staff at that time!

IMG_0001 (Medium)

Amazing how quick the Time passes. Getting Old but Still enjoying Ourselves. Mark is up here for a Week so will be enjoying a few Beers and Stories over that Time! Easy to find Old Friends in today’s World with the Internet!

Cheers Ian.



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