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Boxing Day at the X-Centre 2010



Boxing Day at the X-Centre ended up Big! With several different groups all turning up We actually Ran out of Parking Space and Seating at the Restaurant!!! We had the “Golden Triangle Riders” call in on there Boxing day Ride and with No Seating left Long quickly improvised and set up Tables and Chairs in the X-Centre entrance to accommodate them all!

Here are some of their Bikes.

The Improvised Seating for the GTR Group.

Long also Hosted a Reunion for all Her Classmates from University, It was a Real Happy Group with Lots of Noise and Laughing!!! 3 of them even had a Bungy Jump much to the Delight of the rest! They started out with Lunch.

Managed a Group Photo.

They had a great time and while some left in the afternoon others made a Night of it and enjoyed a few Drinks before heading Home!

Most of these ladies have successful Careers and made a real effort to turn up, One even Flew up from Bangkok in the Morning and Flew back again in the Evening! They are already Planing their Next Reunion at the X-Centre and are talking about making it a regular event! Welcome I say! It is great to see Long so Happy!!!

Cheers Ian.

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