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Busy Days!!!



Well we have been having a Ripper week which is fantastic after the recent Downturn!!! I went up the Bungy Tower Yesterday and snapped this Shot from the top to give you some Idea of the People We had through the X-Centre!!!


The Cars started Parking on the Side of the Main Road!!! The Traffic was the Worst i had seen so pity for anyone Travelling. I was Told some People went to Pai and it was Shoulder to Shoulder and No Accommodation available anywhere!!! No doubt this week will see the return to Normality but i am sure it has been appreciated by all the Service providers who benefited!!!

Charity Toy Ride tomorrow at the X-Centre Zorb Ball site so will post a report on that after the event, Till then check out: http://www.chiangmaitoyride.com/

Have a Great Weekend.

Cheers Ian.

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