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Bye Bye Butch, Hello E.T.



Our English Bull Terrier “Butch”



Butch has been a Great Dog but as He Grew He obviously got Much Stronger and more active as the weeks went By! I enjoyed Him but He was demanding too Much of My Time and I just didn’t have it to spend! Long didn’t want to Waste Her Time and Butch was Getting Too Strong for the Kids to Play with and if He got Excited to Rough!!! So We made the Sad Decision to let Him Go, Luckily a Local Couple who live just down the Road from the X-Centre asked if they could Take Him! They have a Large Property and two Teenage Sons and they are Home everyday so it was a Perfect Choice for Butch to have a Better Life, I called in and seen Him the other Day and He looked Great, Healthy & Happy!!! And He even gets on Great with two Large Golden Retrievers they have also. So Plenty of Room to Play and Mates as well!!!

So Bye Bye Butch!!!

Then Enter E.T.

This is what Long & Amanda brought Home the other day!!!



I was a Bit Surprised, Talk about Extremes at Different Ends of the Scale!!! From an “English Bull Terrier” to a “Teacup Chiwawa”.  Paris Hilton eat your Heart Out!!! Amanda Called Him “Chiva” which in Thai means “Lively”. Anyway He certainly seems to keep Amanda occupied which is great as they have the Next 2 months off for the School Holidays!!! And best of all, He doesn’t Smell, Bark or Demand any of My Attention!!! Hope everyone stays Happy now!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Dave Early

    July 7, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    I must say that I am not surprised you have a new Chihuahua. It looks like a great dog for the kids (that includes Long).

    I have been saving this past quote from you just waiting for the right occasion;

    “For Some of us who have been living in Thailand with Bloody Dogs Roaming the Neighbourhood, Barking, Howling, Fighting Blah Blah Keeping us awake all Night it is a Great Sight. I would Pay them to Come Here and Take away all the Local Dogs As you will never be able to Educate these Lovely People in Controlling Pets including Dogs this is probably the only Population Control we can get!!! Carry On
    I used to have Dogs at Home but after Living Here, NEVER AGAIN!!! Put me right off. A Cat will do me Fine.”

    Ah, the power of women and children 😉

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