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Camping in Style!!!



We had Henry Knaufes bring His entire “Team Flamingo Racing” Jet Ski Team and their Families from Pattaya up to Chiang Mai for a Week Long Holiday where they could enjoy the Hills for something Different to the Beach! As they are such a Large Group it is Hard to Find anywhere to camp so I offered them Our Lake Property which turned out Ideal!!! They had a Fantastic Set Up and included everything from Campers to Satellite TV and Out Side Karaoke with their Own Sound System.

Here is one of their Campers which is like a Luxury House inside.


They Had a Container Filled with Just ATV’s for the Staff to Play with. Here is Me and Butch as they are turning up!!! Incredible to see!!!


They Positioned the Campers and Placed everything around it all the Tents etc etc.


Besides all the ATV’s they had these Polaris Razors and Yamaha Rhino’s!!!


They had their Own Caravan for Transport that converted in to a Sleeper for some of the  Staff, others were in Tents!!!


To accompany them they had a Selection of New Motocross Bikes from Honda Yamaha and KTM. Top Stuff indeed!!!


This was the Best Camp Site I have ever Seen and had More Toys than Most Business Operators have and these are the Best Names and Quality Machines that Money Can Buy!!! Of Course they do Have 3 World Champions in their Team so sort of Warrants it!!!


At Night it was like a Concert with a Family Atmosphere, Really Nice! I went down for a Chat and a Few Drinks the odd Night!!! I hope they enjoyed themselves and no Doubt will see them next Trip!!!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. jeff

    November 26, 2010 at 11:36 am

    geez, how much did it cost to import those RVs here?

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