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Chiang Mai Bike Week, X-Centre.



A few weeks back they held the Annual Chiang Mai Bike week here in Town. We also got Our Share of Guys at the X-Centre with Groups from Triumph, Harley Davidson and we also Hosted the GT-Rider barbecue for Guys so a great Time, Thought I would share some of the Photos with You all!!!

Start with some of the GT-Rider Barbecue Party Shots.

GT-Rider Barbecue

X-Centre Barbecue Party.

Bikers Barbecue.

Chiang Mai X-Centre Barbecue

PG Girl for the GT-Rider Barbecue.

Bikes at the X-Centre.

New BMW K1300R.

Amanda with Meow the Singer from Chiang Mai.

Amanda & Meow.

Someone had to Take Care of the PG Girls, it’s a Horrible Job but someone had to Do It!!!

Ian taking care of the PG Girls!!!

Richard on His Harley also helped out with the Girls!!!

Richard & Friends on His Harley!!!

In the Evening Our Car Park also did Double Duty as a Chang Beer Garden complete with PG Girls!!!

Chang Beer PG Girl!!!

Aaron also enjoyed the Time Posing in the 150 Buggy, Wait Till He can Drive it!!!

Aaron in the 150 Buggy!

Triumph showed up for a while on Sunday afternoon they had just left when the Harley Davidson Guys showed up and Stayed till late into the Night!!! Fantastic Party and Funny Group of Guys. Top Stuff!!!

Harley Davidson at the X-Centre.

Harley Davidson XR1200.

Beer Garden in Action again!!!

Beer Garden again!!!

X-Centre Chang Beer Garden!!!

Harley Davidson, Chiang Mai Bike Week 2009

Well that’s about all of that so Hope You all had a Great Christmas and Wish You all a Happy New Year!!! Lets Hope it is Good for all of Use!!!

Cheers Ian.

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