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Chiang Mai Toy Ride 2009.



Well the Chaing Mai Toy Ride 2009 for Kids Charities went off Great this weekend with a Big Turn out from Lots of  People. As one of the Sponsors and Providing the Zorb Ball Land for the Event We at the X-Centre were Pretty Happy with the way everything went and the large amount of Cash and Toys which were Donated to the different Groups of Children Trucked in for the occasion. We are having another Toy Ride out to a Remote Village this coming Saturday do Donate more Proceeds to Children in Need.  Good Job to all the Organisers and People Who donated for the Event. Here are a Few Photo’s from the day to Give You a Taste of just How Big the Event Was and How Successful!!! 

Some of the Bikes on Site, And there was a Lot!!!


Some Decorated Bikes!


Some of the Toys Donated!


Dave Early, One of the Organisers and a Hell of a Nice Guy also a bit of a Legend. Used to Hold some Land Speed Records on the Bonneville Salt Flats for Many Years and also used to Be a Police Commander in Detroit so the Cap is for REAL!!!


Even had the Classic Car Club in attendance, Elvis would be Proud to See this Caddy on Display, Great Stuff!!!


Bikes, Cars & Kids!!!


And this is What it was all about, Making the Kids Happy and Helping those Less Fortunate or in Need!!!


Unlike some Other Companies Who Claim to be Giving a large Percent of their Profit to Worthy Causes, Carbon Footprint Zero, Carbon Friendly, Blah Blah Blah!!! To these People I Say Action Speaks Louder than Words!!! “The Truth is Out there” 

If You would Like to Take a look at some More Photo’s and Read some Reports on the Event check out this Link:


Have a Great Day Everyone!!!

Cheers Ian.


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