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Classic Yamaha XT500



The Classic Yamaha XT 500 !!! This is the Bike that Started everything and Still Looks Good today in My Eyes!!! I had the Privilege of Buying a Brand New One in New Zealand, 1978 when I was 16 Years Old. I Have Many Great Memories of it. One Not so Pleasant was Sliding off it at 120kmh on the Way home from Work once!!!  Bugger all Damage, Picked it up and Continued Home!!! A Tough Great Sounding Bike!
My one was exactly This Colour and at 16 I was Pretty Proud to have a Bike of This Calibre back then, Over 30 Years ago, Showing My Age now!

XT500 Yamaha (Medium)

Yamaha XT500 (Medium)

I think if it was Possible to Buy a New One Today there would Still Be a lot of Takers Both New and Old Riders!
The recent News that Yamaha may Start Selling the XT660 here in Thailand brought all this back to My memory and as I happened to Find an Article in a Magazine here on it I thought I would Share the Photos.
Hope You enjoy the Trip down Memory Lane!
I may even Start reliving My Youth and Get one of the New Ones!!!
Cheers Ian

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