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Closed 15th of April, “Songkran”!!!



The Chiang Mai X-Centre will be Closed on the 15th of April for a Staff Holiday!!!

It is that Silly time of Year again in Thailand Songkran!!! We apologize to any Customers who can’t work to a day before or after this Date!!! Songkran is Possibly the Most Bizarre and Stupid Holiday I have ever been a part of in Any Country in the World. Supposedly Years ago in the “Kingdom of Siam” it started out as a Celebration of the End of the Dry Season and the Start of the Wet so People would Dab a small amount of Water on Your Shoulder or Head, Very Politely. Along the Way in  Modern Thailand it has been Distorted into a Vicious Vindictive all Out War and the Aim Being to get as Drunk as Possible and Injure or Kill as many People as Possible by Using Water!!! Normally this means Pickup Loads of Marauding Gangs Loaded with Tanks of Water mixed with a Variety of things including Blocks of Ice, Talcum Powder and Food Colouring!!! This Water is Thrown at the Victim as Hard as Possible by the Bucket Load!!! If they are Lucky they Manage to Get an Unsuspected Innocent riding a long on a Motor Bike and all going Well actually Knock them off their bike and the ensuing Crash is Greeted By Roars of Approval!!! Severe Injury or Death is Common and I have witnessed it First Hand!!! A pointless and Senseless Act. All to Often the Drivers of the Pickups are Drunk as well so some Form of Justice is served By the Multiple Accidents they inevitably have!!! Unfortunately it is quite Often Innocent People Who end up getting Hurt!!! The Road Toll is normally Published Daily in all News Papers and the Final Grizzly Count for Death and Injuries is Released after the Last Official Day of the Holidays so keep an Eye Out for that!!!

I am off to Singapore this Year with the Entire Family for a Few Days to try and avoid this Mess!!! The Problem in Chiang Mai is Originally the Songkran Festival was a short affair lasting 2 Days but here it has been Stretched By People with Nothing Better to do into a week or 10 Day affair!!! This is really the Only Time of Year i would rather be somewhere else instead of Thailand!!! Next Year I may even Plan a Trip back Home to NZ for April??? Have a Great Week!!!

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  1. Chiang Mai Tourism

    April 9, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    WOOO HOOOO Songkran !!!!

    I cant wait, bring it on haha.

    Thanks for the article.

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