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Common Sense???



After an Amazing Week it has Left me thinking about The unwritten saying we use here in Thailand: “Common Sense is not very Common” Here is the Case in Point.
As both Me and Long were going to be away for a Week with My Cousin and Friends from New Zealand we made the Silly Mistake of leaving the Organisation of a Party we had Planned to Our Staff. We arrived Back on Thursday morning. The Party was Planned for Friday Afternoon / Evening. All is great Our Staff declared all in Order, No need to check we want to Surprise you on the day!!! Original Plan was Greek Barbecue which was already organised by us and Provided by Con our Friend. Have the food and spend the evening having a few Drinks with Friends, Against Long’s suggestion i said I don’t mind theStaff joining us??? Well The Reality was, the Barbecue was Perfect ( Thanks Con ) The rest was a Surreal experience. First Our Intentions went Out the Window and it Turned into a Thai Staff Party!!! Complete with Stage, Sound System and Karaoke / Coyote Dancers!!! All of Which we Paid For, Buying not even Renting ( Except for the Girls who had to be returned after use!!! )
Also included were Fireworks which when added with drunken People was a recipe for Disaster the First Injury Being My Son who someone thought it funny to Put one in His Hair resulting in a Bald Patch and Wound the size of a Bottle Top, Not very Pleasant as He is not yet 5 Yrs old!!! Next Major was the Staff who decided to Put the Hose on My Bonfire so they Could Get on the Piss??? This after i had Arranged this Fire over the Last 4 Months??? Then Add on all the Little annoying things like Putting all their Beer on Ice but not Mine!!! Bringing the rest of the Food & Salad after the Barbecue was served??? Inviting half the Village??? Music and Dancing only in Thai for the Locals while My friends had to sit at the back??? I could Go On & On but it was a Sad Way to learn a Lesson ( and Bloody Expensive!!! )
I Feel Sorry for all the People I had invited having to Witness My Display of Anger and they Probably thought i was either an Idiot or an Arsehole ( Of which i am Both ) But i doubt many or any of them for that matter actually Knew the True Reasons behind My Anger Management Display!!! So it was not appreciated By Myself and i actually went Home first around 9 pm Really Pissed Off!!! It did cement a few Things though,
#1 No more Christmas Staff Party, they have had it already!!!
So hopefully i will calm down and Cheer up in the near future!!! All the Best.
Cheers Ian.

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