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Crash, Bang!!!



Had a Great Night Friday for Our Line Dancing, Good Crowd and went till quite Late. Saturday one of My friends Turned up who was here and Told Me they were in an Accident on the Way Home afterwards!!! Turns Out they Pulled Up at the Traffic Lights as it was Red ( Normal Practise in Most Countries ) but T.I.T. “This is Thailand” Next thing They were Rammed in the Rear of the Car By a Pick Up.

There were 4 Adults and one Young Girl 3yrs Old in a New Honda Jazz and Thankfully None were Hurt, In fact they Claim the Impact wasn’t Really that Hard Considering everything??? It Pushed them through the Intersection so they were actually Lucky they never Hit or Got Hit by any other Vehicles!!!

Here are Some Pictures of their New Honda Jazz, Looking a bit Worse for Wear!!!



Now for the Pickup that Hit them!!! The Vehicle was  Government from the  “National Wildlife & Plant Conservation Department”


The Guy Driving it was Obviously Intending to Run the Red Light which is Common Practise in Thailand and Almost Normal Procedure by Thai Drivers specially at Night!!! Looks like He was Going at some Speed and swerved at the Last moment so just caught the Honda then Spun around jumped the Traffic Islands then Took out a sign or two before Hitting the Pole!!! Not Sure But Presume He was Drunk ( Again Normal for Drivers here after Dark ) but seen He had No Seat Belt on and Had His Seat all the way Forward against the Steering Wheel He was Injured and Had to Be taken away in the Meat Wagon so awaiting the Police Report?

Here is the Photo’s of the Pickup, What was a Fairly New Ford Ranger 4×4 3.0TDci. Looking a Bit Second hand now!!!




Not Very Pretty is it??? Looking at these Photo’s I guess He Lost it when He Swerved and the Back Corner of the Pickup is what Hit the Honda as the Front Corners are not so Damaged only the Centre from Hitting the Pole!  Just Glad that everyone was OK ( Except the offending Driver! )

Never a Dull Moment in the Land of Smiles!!!

Cheers Ian.

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