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Dam Boat Trip!!!



I have been in a bit of a Rush this week with the India Trip and everything else that has happened But I was determined to get the Boat out for at least one Maiden Voyage before I leave. This week I had Our Staff make up a Cradle for Our Trailer to carry the Boat in it’s normal Position so as soon as it was all ready I decided Saturday was the Day. With the Kids back to School Monday it was the Only Chance I had so we Packed up and Myself, Amanda & Aaron were joined by Kiwi John and John Coy for Our Trip up to the Huge Mae Ngat Dam about 40 minutes drive north of the X-Centre.

Here is the Boat ready to leave the X-centre.

Boat trip Mae Ngat Dam, Chiang Mai X-Centre.

The Mae Ngat Dam is mostly used by Local Thais in Traditional Long Tail Boats so we made a bit of a Novel Sight with Our Clean New Trailer & Boat with a Shiny 4 Stroke Outboard!!! We backed down and unloaded amongst the Long tails while under the Scrutiny of the Locals.

Boat in the Water

Ready to Go on Our Northern Thailand Boat Trip!

Only ever having been on the Edge looking out from the Restaurant I never realised just How Big this Damn Dam Is (Pardon the Pun!). We had a nice little Cruise up exploring different Bays. Amanda Proved a Very Enthusiastic Captain and Proficient Skipper under the Expert Guidance of Kiwi John!!!

Boat trip Meakwad Daml 4 (Small)

We stopped at a Floating Restaurant We came across after quite some Time and Let the Kids explore while we had a couple of Beers supplied by Our New Found Hosts! They even Had Ice ( And the Beer needed it! )  Was a Great Day out most enjoyed by all I think. Time to head back!

Boat trip Meakwad Daml 6 (Small)

Just before we arrived back at the Boat Ramp the Outboard ran out of Fuel which we thought quite Funny and took some time to get it started again once we had topped it Up and all of this was in View of the Locals sitting in the Restaurants so they Must have been amused at these Silly Farang with their New Gear drifting around!!! All ended well though and We were soon back on Dry Land and Loaded up once More!!!

Mae Ngat Dam, Northern Thailand.

As I Parked the Pickup I heard someone Yell out My Name so Looked around and Here is Our Mate Brian!!! He is still taking His Sister and Her Husband around Sightseeing on their Holiday so By Coincidence ended up at the Same Place. Of Course that was Worth a Beer together!!!

Restaurant on Mae Ngat Dam Chiang Mai Thailand.

Great Day Out and the Boat Worked Perfectly so another Tribute To My Mate Simon who Tragically Passed away last week. He had arranged the Purchase and Delivery of it for Me. Wish He had been able to Enjoy it with Us But I am Sure He was Looking over Us and Smiling all the Same. Good One Mate!!!

Have a Great Day.

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Phil

    October 27, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    ‘Ol Brian gets around doesn’t he 🙂

    I see you got the photos inserted at the perfect size . Good pics of a place you don’t see in the travel mags.

    Have a good holiday in India and watch out for deli-belly.


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