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Drift Karts are Go!



Our New Drift Kart Complex has been operating for a few Weeks already but We are still making the Finishing Touches to make it Perfect. One is to Line the Entire Track with P.U. Sheet. This allows the Karts to slide along or Glance Off  the Tyre Barrier should they make contact! Otherwise the Karts dig into the Tyres and also push the Barriers all out of Shape. A Big Job but looks Great and will make things much easier when it is finished!

Some Staff Fitting the P.U. Sheet.

Some Idea of what it will all look like when finished!

We haven’t done much Marketing yet as We want to Wait till everything is Perfect before We make a Big Push but it is getting Regular use with Customers coming through and proving very Popular and of course a Lot of FUN!!! We do have a Sticker Made up ready to Hit the Town:

Can’t Wait till It’s all done so I can Just Enjoy the Drifting!!!

Keep Well Everyone.

Cheers Ian.

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