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We hosted a Team Building exercise Yesterday at the X-Centre for dtac which is one of the Biggest Mobile Phone Service Providers in Thailand. Unfortunately the Weather didn’t play along and it was drizzling all day but they still managed to Play Paintball and Roll in the Xorb Ball. After Lunch they had a drive on the New Drift Karts, They had to find and remember Clues stuck around the Track so they didn’t really get up much Speed or do much Drifting but they certainly got into the Spirit of things and had a lot of Fun!!!

Here are some of the Group looking on from the New Viewing Area overlooking the New X-Centre Drift Kart Track, 70 Girls, WOW!

A Couple of Group photo’s of them on the Track.

Another Angle of the dtac Team!

Here is a Brief Video I took at the end of one of the Series of Laps the Girls Drove, looking for Clues stuck around the Track You can tell by the Noise they were an Enthusiastic Bunch!

embedded by Embedded Video

I will post some more Pictures once I have taken a look through them. Next Month We have another Group from d-tac again so hopefully it will be better weather for them!

Cheers Ian.

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