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Eita, Japanese Survivor!



Eita “Far” Mizukoshi has been a regular Visitor to Us here in Chiang Mai since We first opened Our Bungy Jump! He returned this morning for another Couple of Jumps bringing His Total to 56!!! Not a Bad effort eh!

He had an added Reason to Enjoy it this time as He lives 120 Kms from Fukushima and Said it was quite an Experience going through the Earthquake!!! But it was the Tsunami that did the Damage He Claims! Glad to Survive and even His House escaped damage. He Works for the Subaru Car Plant which of Course was shut down for quite some time as was most everthing else! Anyway good to see Him again and have Him complete a few More Jumps!

Here is Eita with Jump Masters  Tar & Non, Both these Guys have worked with Us since We first started Construction here in Chiang Mai 11 Years ago so have been here every time Eita has Jumped!!!

Jump Number 53. He did another Jump straight after and Said he will do another 2 Jumps later!

Ready to Go!

The Jump, down to the Water!

That’s all Folks!!!

So Hope to See Him back for Many More Years to Come and Good Luck to Eita and the other Survivors from Japan!

Cheers Ian.

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