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End of the week!



Well it’s the end of the Week or “End of an Era” As the World Turmoil continues over Money here is some Food for thought? Some Supposed Experts Said They thought everyone should have Confidence again Now that the Governments were Bailing Out the Failed Companies with Truckloads of Money!!! My View is they are Covering up Not Fixing the Problem? Example: If you have a Broken Leg and Put on a Pair of Baggy Pants you can’t see the Leg anymore But it is Still Broken!!! 

Check out this Excellent and Very Informative Website on American Economics, A Must View for Anyone Concerned in the Future as we Know It:

  Here is that 20 part crash course on the truth behind the USA and the worlds situation with Energy Economy and Environment. Explains where we really are in so many key issues from peak oil to cooked $USD a real “How it looks”.\
Simple charts and plain talk.


Just try the first few short segments and you will get hooked (total of all 20 is around 2.5 hrs)
It really is astounding that this does not hit the mainstream news more where we hear trillions $ like its a normal number.

My Particular Favorite is Chapter 11, How Much is a Trillion? You will be very Surprised after viewing this and will really open your Eyes to what exactly is happening??? Bear in Mind this Guys Wrote all this Stuff Before the Trouble actually Started!!!

Have a Great day.

Cheers Ian.

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