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FIX : Well i was off into town this morning and Put My Kawasaki into the Shop. Seems this Gear Problem is not a rare one as they have done 2 or 3 before mine. If you have the misfortune of banging the Gear lever you risk breaking the Selector inside which is a Star shaped thing with 5 little fingers on it, the fingers snap off hence No More Gears!!! 250 Baht Part so cheap fix but a bit of a worry if this happens to you when in a Remote Area somewhere???   

BUY : While in town we thought we will Buy Our New Pickup so checked out the Local Toyota Dealer and Ended up with a Cross-Eyed version of Austin Powers as the Salesman!!! Forgiving His Humorous appearance, Give the Guy a Chance i thought but Incredible as it may seem I knew more about the Vehicle I wanted than the Salesman and after He Pissed us around and Pissed Me Off Trying to Sell us everything i didn’t want I thought Bugger this and left!!! So off to the Local Isuzu Dealer they will sort us out Right??? Wrong!!! This Time we ended up with a Woman who resembled something from a Horror Show, Definitely good for keeping the kids away from the Fire! Anyway again I knew More than She about Vehicles  and all she wanted to do was get us to Sit Down??? Eventually again we gave up after She Said we can look at a Pickup I wanted in the Afternoon??? Incredible How Hard it is To Give People Your Money in this Town??? One Would have thought with all the Doom and Gloom in the Auto Industry at present they would be Climbing over Each Other to Sell you Something??? I was Honestly Shocked at their Total Lack of Knowledge and unwillingness to provide what a Customer Asked for!!! T.I.T “This Is Thailand” Get Used to It!!! 

Anyway after going to Airport Plaza and doing some other things we gave it one more go at Niyom Panich  Toyota Dealer and they at Least Had What we wanted and were willing to Provide answers to everything I asked even if sometimes it wasn’t what i wanted to hear and they were also willing to give a reasonable amount of Extras etc which they will get back to me with the Best Deal they can do tomorrow so looks like Toyota it is! What a Funny Experience??? Have a Great day.

Cheers Ian.

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