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The French Connection!!!



A Couple of Weekends back we Hosted a Stage of a Team Building Event for a Group of 40 Local French Expats. It was Organised as a Weekend Adventure Race where they had to Chase a Rabbit while Deciphering Clues and Doing Special Challenges etc along the Way, Something Like the “Amazing Race Asia” which we hosted some Time back for the Current Season 3. Also If Possible they were to Catch the Rabbit!!! Meet Mister Rabbit:

The Event was Organised By Local Frenchman Galea Frederic and He Was Helped out with Everything Here at the X-Centre By Our Very Own Miss Long, Here they are with the Rabbit:

The Teams were arriving at Separate Times as they were Completing their Challenges along the way so the First thing was to Regroup and Time for Lunch which was an Arranged Buffet Meal:

After this the 2 Teams of 20 People each were split up and sent to do different Challenges which included the Following Activities:

Zorb Ball.

Target Shooting with a Difference!!! Shooting Balloons with a Paintball Gun! The Catch to this is They Had to do it as soon as they Got out of the Zorb Ball after their Roll!!!

And Balancing on a Block while Standing on One Leg!!!

Then it was Off to the Snake Show next Door to the X-Centre for some Reptile Bonding, You can tell by the Look on Her Face They all Loved it!!!

Teams then Swapped around to Complete the Remaining Challenges that were:

A Game at the PaintBall Field, ( They Don’t Look So Keen do they? ) :  


Next was on to one of the Most Difficult Challenges but it was Only the Team Leader Who Had to Complete this which made the Rest Happy and they Enjoyed the Sight from the Viewing Area:

The ” BUNGY” Complete with Water Dip!!!

By the Time everyone Had completed their Tasks and Had a Few Beers it was nearly 6pm so they were all off trying to Decipher their Next Destination which was Mae Chaem a Long Way from here so they still had a Big evening a head!!! At Least they All Left with a Smile on their Faces,

Some of the Happy Campers:

This was a Fun All Day Event and I am Sure the Remainder of the Weekend brought More Fun and Challenges to them. Thanks Guys for Sharing it with us!!!

Cheers Ian.

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