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Good Day or Bad Day?



I thought i would Sell my Pickup Truck so put the Word out 2 days ago that it was for Sale! It’s a Chevrolet Colorado, Top of the Range with all Extras Blah Blah. Had someone come and look today, Drove it and End of Story He Brought it on the Spot!!! He said it was Cheap and Great Value for Money and I have to Agree It was 4 and a 1/2 Years Old and i had done 135.000 kms in it so time for a Change so off to the Shop tomorrow to Order a New One, That’s a Good Day!!!

Later this afternoon i am up in the Jungle Filming a TV Series and am on My Kawasaki KLX250, This Bike is only about 4 months Old and I manage to Fall Off in front of everyone in 1st Gear, What a Dickhead!!! Nothing Hurt except My Pride and the Bike is fine??? Anyway finish the Set and Off I go only to Find i only Have 2 Gears 1st & 2nd??? So i limp back to X-Centre and have a quick look but no visible Damage so have to take the Bike Back to the Shop tomorrow to Check it Out, Bugger!!! That’s a Bad Day as i love this Bike and use it almost everyday!!! Incredibly i normally Never fall off but there you go and it turns out a simple Slow one Buggers Up My Bike??? Thank God it never Happened when i was Riding through the Remote Areas of Laos just before Christmas. With Only 2 Gears it would have taken forever to get out!!!

You all have a Great Day and Be Careful Out There!!!

Cheers Ian.

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