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Great Start to the Week!!!



I haven’t Posted for ages because: After being as Sick as a Dog since Friday ( Cold, Fever & Flu ) I was finally starting to feel a little Better i thought!!! That was until Yesterday afternoon! Time to Take the Kids Home and My Daughter Promptly takes the Dog and Lets it Jump up on the Back Door of Our 2 Day Old Pickup, Scratching the Hell out of it. Between My Fits of Shaking with Rage I manage to return to Work and Spend an Hour or so working on the Door with ” Meguiar’s ” Scratch Remover then Polish then Cleaner Wax.  This brought it back 90 % but you can still see it if you look in the right angle, Bugger!!! Feeling Like Shit from the Flu, Rage and Depression i return Home, Shower and Straight to Bed with No Dinner Exhausted. Up in the Morning early it’s Dark & Cold, i listen to the Routine Morning Yelling and Bitching as Amanda gets ready for School and has Her Breakfast all at the Pace of a Slug doing the 100 Metres. Aaron of Course is supposedly Sick again for the Second Day in a Row yet Funnily He can Run around and Play Computer Games all day but can’t Go to School??? No Sign of the Dog or His Bed so at least they got Rid of One Problem!!! Thankfully No-One is Speaking to Me so I am Immune to the Ridiculous Charade of the “Joys of having a Family” so sit waiting in My own Twisted World, Like watching a Silly Soap Opera on TV. Eventually Amanda is ready so i take Her to the X-Centre to meet the School Bus. Then i Find the Staff Had Locked our Cat in My Office all Night so through no fault of it’s own had a Shit on My Couch, Lovely in both appearance and Smell!!! I must admit it did make me Laugh as you get to a Point You can’t be any more Angry so you come Full Circle and see the Funny side of it!!! I Wonder am I surrounded By Idiots or are they just following My Lead of Being an Idiot??? Or does everyone just do things to Piss Me Off or test Me??? If You Look seriously at the Mess the World is in and Think about yourself and Others, Do You know anyone who is Truly Happy??? I doubt it, So why compound Your Misery By having Children or Dogs I ask??? The Only 2 things I Regret in Life!!! The Sad thing is i have a Great Wife the Nicest, Kindest Lady i have ever Meet yet the the commitments of Children, Work and the Bloody Dog have Built a Wall between us! it now seems Just like when i was young sharing a House with Flat Mates!!!  Have a Better Day than Me!!!

Cheers Ian.

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    January 24, 2009 at 11:51 am

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