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Having a Storm!



At Home the other Night watching a movie and it starting Raining really heavy! Nothing to worry about as quite Normal but only a few kms down the Road at the X-Centre it was a different story! Together with all this Rain was a mini Tornado which ripped through the Area flattening lots of stuff in the process! When I arrived early the next morning We were meet by quite a Mess! Looked not so bad at first Glance, Leaves and Branches on the ground.

Not Bad I thought? Walked around beside Our Office and Oh No!

The Huge Tree had been Uprooted and had fallen across the Flying Fox and Playground!

It fell right out to the Car Park.

Falling right across Our Flying Fox and Tearing Our Platform out of the Ground!

Quite a Mess to clean up.

I walked around the Corner to the Kitchen and another tree was uprooted.

It just clipped the corner of the Building and smashed through the Fan Palms coming to Rest on the Viewing Area Roof!

The Huge Clump of Bamboo by the Spirit House was very nearly uprooted also so needed some help to be repositioned.

So all of Thursday was spent cleaning up!

The Xorb Ball Lake also sustained Heavy Damage. The Fence around the Boundary was 70% Flattened and We had 2 Big Trees Uprooted, so had a Hiab Crane come in the Afternoon to re stand them and Our Staff Braced them up again so hope they Survive as they were quite nice Trees! We also had several Clumps of Bamboo uprooted around the Boundary which Our Gardening Staff have spent the last few Days repairing. Storms normally Hit here every April so We expect Damage but not in May? Never Mind, No one Hurt and not a Huge Cost to repair so fingers crossed that will be it for another Year!!!

Cheers Ian.


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