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Hell Of A Day!!!



Here i am a Sad Bastard at 10pm trying to Post again on this Bloody Blog which has Shortened My Life By 10 Years in the Last day!!! I just finished Making this Post and POOF it disappeared after an Hours Work so Here Goes Try number***

First thing this Morning I got the Kids Off to School Like a Good Dad and thought OK lets Post on the Blog as i haven’t done Much over the Last Month!!! Well this Turned into a Bloody Nightmare, 1pm before i had Repaired the Damage Done By My Lack of Knowledge and an Extremely UnCoOperative Computer!!!

After that i thought Hell I will Put some New Tyres on My Bike and This is What Happened!!!

I am finally back at home Drinking a Cold Beer, Thank God  What had already been a Real shit Day Got a Lot Worse when i decided to fit My New Michelin Road 2CT Tyres to My Triumph Tiger. First i Got Pissed Off looking for Tools in My Workshop but i can’t Blame the Guys as they are Re-building about 4 Buggys at the same time so stuff is spread out everywhere!

 So Make it Easy i thought I will Go Direct to Yamaha and let them Do it? They Have all the Correct Machines Right? Anyway things went from Bad to Worse!!! First they said the Tyres are to hard and won’t Fit the Rim? I said You got to be Joking Put some Water or Soap on them which they did and Wola they slipped straight on, that was the Easy part!!!

Next they Tried to balance them! Then they Said My Rim was No Good, I replied Can’t be 13,500 kms No Accidents Never Hit any Holes etc? Then My Wheel Bearings were Seized. Impossible they would have collapsed or made a Noise, i would have Felt it etc I replied? By Now i was Getting Upset and My Ulcer was Bleeding out My Ears!!! This Went on and after a few Phone Calls Lucky My Mate Tim came to the Rescue and Took Control. He called Pairot the Guy Who Supplies the Tyres from Bangkok and he helped a bit with advice but the Rest was Just Patience and Guidance from Tim, Thanks Mate!!! here was a multitude of Problems one being they Just Don’t have enough Cones for the Tyre Balance Machine to Fit all the Rims so The Rim is Never Really Running Exactly True, How can You Balance it??? Another is No Training So they Don’t actually Know What they are doing!!! After Giving Up on the back Tyre they Started on the Front and By Pure Luck the Guy found out the Weights were only needed on one Side to Make it Balance which worked out pretty Good so They Then Had to Take the Rear Off again and have another Go at that!!!  So we Finally Finished near 7pm, 5 Hours Later and With My Hernia looking Like a Colostomy Bag!!! If It wasn’t for Tim I am Sure the Bike would Still be there and I would have Run Out on to the Road and Thrown Myself Under the First Truck going past!!! 
In Fairness to the Staff they Kept their Cool and Did what Tim asked without Complaint and even Dropped My Bill from 400 Baht to 200 baht for the Hassle . I Paid Them 500 Baht and Told them to have a Beer on Me as that was the First thing I was Going to Do!!!  I was Just Happy to get out of there on My Bike!!! I Still find It Absolutely Incredible that any Company Not Just Yamaha would Sell Brand New Big Bikes Here then Hand them Over to People with a Total Lack of Natural Ability, No Formal Training, No Knowledge at all about anything they Work On and appears No One actually In Charge???  What Happened to Formal Training Courses on the Bikes You are Servicing??? People will Argue oh but it is so Cheap to get things Done Here!  Well Yes It Is but If I have to Pay the Amount We Pay For Our Big Bikes here which apart from Kawasaki is 1/3 More than at Home I Expect and Don’t Mind paying for Top Quality Safe Service!!! 

So I have had My Say and Hopefully I am OK for awhile till I need another Set of Tyres then I will have to Start Drinking Milk for a week before I Fit Them to Calm My Ulcer!!! 
You Have Been Warned!!!
Cheers Ian


  1. Ally

    December 20, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Ian, I am not sure if I wanna laugh or cry after reading your post(s).

    Hope your hernia & ulcer are calming down.


  2. johnny

    December 30, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Eg9FMG Thanks for good post

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