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Historic Puhoi, A Bikers Pub!



For those who may be interested My Trip Home to New Zealand in June for the 150 Year Anniversary Celebrations of Puhoi obviously involved lots of Drinking and Parties so I happened to spend a lot of Time in the Local Pub where I basically Grew up! Puhoi and the Puhoi Pub are pretty Famous in NZ and if You do a quick search on the Internet You will come up with a host of information on the place and its Bohemian Descendants which arrived in 1863 of which I am the 3rd Generation Born in NZ. Ever since I can remember there have always been Bikes parked up outside the Pub! Every Day Rain, Hail or Shine! Obviously weekends and the Summer it can get pretty Packed. It is great to Walk around looking at the different Bikes and Talking to the Owners! Gangs are ever present at the Pub but now days You will rarely see any Trouble between them and it seems to be Neutral Ground unlike the Past where We had some pretty Wild Days! Here are just a few Photos to share with You! If You ever go to NZ it is worth dropping in to take a look? The Interior of the Pub is More Spectacular than the Exterior and well worth the visit! You see all Makes and Models of Bikes, Classic Cars & Hot Rods with Heaps of interesting People to Chat too!

Interesting Pub with an even More interesting History!

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