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Hmong New Year!!!



An Extra Treat for Customers this weekend is the Hmong New Year. If they want we can take our Buggy Trip on a different Route up through the local Hill Tribe Village where they are having Daily Celebrations!!! I even went up myself  Yesterday and snapped these Photos. A Very Colourful affair and very Entertaining!!!


Lots of Dancing etc. The Men go to Great lengths making these Spinning Tops and have competitions to knock each others Top out of a Circle They Wrap a String around it and Throw it, They are very Accurate. Here the Guys are Shaping them for a Perfect Balance.


This Guy has His Spinning and is check for any Wobble etc before the competition?


 They all have Very Elaborate Costumes, Check out these Young Ladies!!! 


It is quite High up in the Hills so there are some nice Views on the Trip up.


They also have the Downhill Trolley races so i am trying to get up to watch that if I can find out when it is on??? So if you are around this area it is worth a look!.

Cheers Ian.

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