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Holiday Season Faces!!!



I haven’t posted much lately so here is a little of What we have been up to here at the X-Centre over the Holiday season and some Faces of our Visitors!

End of Last Year We had Longs friend come up so we Took Him to Pai for a Night as He had never been before.

On the Way.

Ian & Long on the Way to Pai.

Long’s Friend is no less than “Captain Suriya Pakdeesena” Who happens to Hold 2 Major Positions at U-Tapao Airport near Pattaya.

Chief Executive of Air Traffic Control, U-Tapao International Airport.

Chief of Base Operation Naval Air Station, U-Tapao Naval Air Division.

U-Tapao is Famous as it was Built during the Vietnam War Era by America as a Air Base for their B52 Bombers. It still sees active Duty today in Times of Conflict and was used in the last Afghan & Iraqi Wars for the B52’s It saw another kind of Service in November 2008 when the Yellow Shirts shut down the International Airports in Bangkok and the Government activated U-Tapao for Evacuation Flights for the Thousands of Stranded Tourists. It is Now undergoing a Total Upgrade and Expansion so it can be used in the future if needed and also to accommodate the growing Air Traffic in that region! A Man with a lot of responsibility on His Shoulders but has a Great Sense of Humour and Hell of Nice Guy!!! We had a Great Time.

Here We are in Pai.

Captain Suriya Pakdeesena, Long & Ian.

Another Christmas Visitor was “Pim Kemasingki” Owner & Editor of Chiang Mai’s Famous Citylife Magazine See: www.citylife-citylife.com She brought out some Friends and Staff and had a Go at the Off Road Buggy Tour!!!

Pim from Citylife Magazine.

Pim and Long together after Her Trip!!!

Pim & Long at the X-Centre.

Another Thai Movie Star “Natwut Amornvivat”, a very Nice Polite Guy.

Thai Movie Star at the Chiang Mai X-Centre Christmas 2009.

They also did the Buggy Trip.

Thai Movie Star, X-Centre Off Road Buggy.

We also Had the Chief of Police for all of Chiang Mai call in for Lunch which was a nice treat for Us. Another Very Nice Guy so snapped a Photo.

Chiang Mai Chief of Police visits the X-Centre.

There were so Many Visitors Important or otherwise who I should have got a photo with But missed the Chance. Been a Fun Holiday period and seems to have settled back to Normal pace now so hope to get a bit more time to do things.

Cheers Ian.

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