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Hot Season coming!!!



It is already Hot and Dry with No Proper Rain since last October but seems like it is Going to Get Much Hotter!!! This from the News:

Chiang Mai preparing 200 million baht to deal with worst drought in 2

CHIANG MAI: — (NNT) -The Chiang Mai Provincial Administration has set
aside 200 million baht to aid residents during this year’s expectantly
severe drought season.
Head of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Boonlert Buranupakorn
stated today that all agencies throughout the northern provinces have
been tasked with preparing to assist citizens during the upcoming dry
season. Over 500 villages have already requested aid due to early signs
of drought, asking for water trucks to help supply water for basic use.
The provincial administration is coordinating with the Royal Rain Making
project in an attempt to provide rainfalls and offset the negative
effects of prolonged drought.

The Meteorological Department has predicted that this year’s drought in
Chiang Mai will be particularly severe with temperatures rising by 2
degrees from the same period of last year. Once the temperature reaches
the expected level, Chiang Mai may be hit with the most intense drought
in 20 years.

This Is Not Good as the End of Dry Season which normally comes in April is accompanied by Very Nasty Storms including Cyclones & Tornadoes!!! The Weather Being Extreme means the Storms Will also be more Extreme!!! I have actually Experienced one of the Worst Storms they have had in Chiang Mai, A Cyclone which Hit Mae Rim in April 2003, Trust Me it was Really Scary Stuff so I am Not Looking forward to a Repeat of that or possibly Worse??? Fingers Crossed We miss it this Year!!!

Cheers Ian.

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