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HRH Birthday Celerbrations in Chiang Mai.



HRH Birthday Celebration in Chiang Mai.

We had a Visit Yesterday from Khun Ruchuchai who is the Head of the Labour Department Chiang Mai and is also responsible for all Work Permits issued to Foreigners amongst other things!

We have known Him since We first came here to Chiang Mai all those Years ago so he has been here at the X-Centre on a number of times. This Visit was to promote an Up coming event :
HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadej ภูมิพลอดุลยเดช, Rama IX for his 84th Birthday (which is December 5th).
Khun Ruchuchai would like as many Foreigners to join in with the ceremony and Celebrations as possible, Here is an Explanation of the event and followed by Location and Time schedule:

Dear Chiang Mai Friends and Other Foreign Residents of Chiang Mai,
Encoding the Sequence of the program.
I am writing on behalf of a members of the Assembly of People of All Nations Who Love the King in Chiang Mai together with the Assembly of People of All Nations Who Love the King in Thailand are happy to invite you, your family and friends to join in the celebration of the King’s birthday of 2011. This is our first time to join together as a city and a nation. It will be on Saturday, the 3rd of December 2011. The celebration will be called “International, We Love Our King”.
There will be many events that day, but Chiang Mai Friends and other foreign residents are particularly invited to join in a parade that will start at Thapae Gate at 3:30 pm that day. Chiang Mai Friends will have a sign in section in the parade which you represent your countries. We will walk with thousands of our Thai friends and neighbors and even some elephants from Thapae Gate to JJ Market. Please plan to join us for all or some of this expression of respect and appreciation for King Bhumibol Adulyadej ภูมิพลอดุลยเดช, Rama IX for his 84th Birthday (which is December 5th).
For those of you who decide to join us, you may wish to bring a small Thai flag to carry with you as you walk (some flags may be available at the parade site), or you may wear a national costume from your country, or you may purchase an 84th birthday commemorative shirt, or you may want to just wear a pink shirt, a color used to show love and respect for the King.
I truly hope many of you will decide to join our parade starting on Saturday, December 3rd at 3:30 pm at Thapae Gate. This is the Chiang Mai community’s expression of love and respect for the King, thanking him for 65 years of tireless work to make Thailand the country we all love today. As a foreign resident of Thailand and as a friend and neighbor in our Chiang Mai community you will be most welcome! Please plan to join us!
See you on the 3rd,
Boong Chaladlam
If you have questions, please contact me by e-mail:chiangmaifriends@gmail.com

** WE LOVE THE KING CLUB (INTERNATIONAL) is founded by Khun Ruchuchai Potha, Chiang Mai Labor Department (Work Permit Office at Chiang Mai City Hall) and foreigner and Thai friends.
**Parking at JJ Market, Near Tesco Lotus, Super Highway. Transportation from JJ to Thapae Gate is provided.
The programme will be as follows:
3rd December 2011, Saturday (2 days before His Majesty the King’s birthday)
3.00 pm – Register at Thapae Gate, Enjoy the music from our friends.
3.30 pm – Those going to participants
4.09 pm – A procession well start from Thaphae Gate to J.J. Market
5.09 pm
– Participants will sign their names to bless His Majesty in the Book of Well-wishes to His Majesty the King
6.00 pm – Sing the National Anthem
6.09 pm – The participants will honor the King by giving ceremonial objects “Phan Phum” silver and “Phan Phum” gold.
6.30 pm – The participants will present a dance to bless the king 2 groups with each taking about 10 minutes each.
All guests and participants join in singing the National Anthem
7.19 pm – Arrival of the Chairman of Ceremony
– Band plays the King’s song
– Chairman of Ceremony officially opens the ceremony
– Chairman of Ceremony pays Royal respects to His Majesty the King
– Chairman of Ceremony lights the Candle Symbolizing Blessing of the King
– Chairman of Ceremony recites a Salutation in honor and blessing of His Majesty the King
– Chairman of Ceremony lights a candle from the Candle Symbolizing Blessing of the King
– Staff, students and participants light candles to symbolize blessing of His Majesty the King
– Band plays a song in praise of His Majesty the King (1 song)
– Chairman of Ceremony leads participants in singing songs in praise of His Majesty the King (2 songs)
– Chairman of Ceremony and participants altogether salute His Majesty the King
– Mass display of fireworks and lighting of floating lanterns in celebration of His Majesty the King’s birthday (84 sets)
* * * After the ceremony, enjoy the performance and bands from many countries* * *

So for everyone out there this should be a Colourful Celebration of a very Special Date on the Thai Calender and well worth a look if You are in Town.

Cheers Ian.

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