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Internet Scam!!!



Just a Word of Warning to those who Buy through Internet Web Sites!!! This Site is a Complete Scam:


After many Emails I Got My Shipping Agents in China to Check them Out  This is His Reply:

“Please be advised that my friend in China have rung them twice no body picked up the phone and once she checked the list of the company it do not exist”.

I also had another Source try to Find them same thing, This time it was some Shop selling second hand Phones or something 

The Old Story:
“If it Sounds to Good to be True it Probably is To Good to Be True”
Pity I would have Loved a New WR450 for that Price!!! So You have Been Warned Don’t Buy anything from them as You will never Receive it!!!

Be Careful and All the Best.

Cheers Ian.

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