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I went for a Ride into Laos with some Friends in November and meet up with an American Couple doing the Same Trip on a Big Honda Scooter so We joined up for a bit of Riding. He made this Video of  it! Wasn’t the best Trip I have done over there as it started with 2 Days of Bad Weather Raining and Cold so the rest of the Guys I were with lost interest and We ended up changing Our intended Route and just Rode the Main road through. Still Nice!

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Cheers Ian.


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  1. Phil

    January 1, 2014 at 3:15 am

    They did a nice job on the video. !

    Saw a few familiar faces there : yourself, Kiwi John (I think) and aussie Richard all overdubbed with some nice blues so we couldn’t hear a word you were saying :). Was a good watch.

    Happy New Year .. Phil

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