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Long Way Home!!!



It has been a Very Busy time over Christmas and New Year here but mostly with Only Thai People on Holiday! They estimate a Million Extra Visitors to Chiang Mai over the New Year Period, That is a lot of Extra People!!! In General we were slower than last Year but good to see we get support from the Locals.

Long’s Niece drove up for New Year and spent a few Days with Us with Her Friend before returning to Bangkok Yesterday ready for Work Monday Morning. I advised Her to get up early so She would be back before the Traffic got Piled up but they took a leisurely Morning and left at 11am!!! They never arrived back in Bangkok till 12:30 am which is  13 1/2 Hours. They said Traffic was crawling along at less than 40kmh for the Last 3 or 400 kms!!! Just to give You some Idea the distance is about 700 kms on the Main Highway all the way and the Trip Normally Takes 7 Hours in a Car but I have done it once on My Bike in 5 Hours!!! Traffic Was Horrendous. Great Time to Stay at Home over any Holiday Period!!! All the Best!!!

Cheers Ian.

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