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My Friend Dave Early posted on His Website this Morning and I feel it is Well worth Sharing so please Click on this Link and Check it Out:


Dave has a Wealth of Valuable information and Tips as Well as Some Brilliant Trip Reports on His Web Site so spend some Time on it and  Enjoy!!!

Book Review!!! To add Fuel to Dave’s Blog Statement, In My Humble Opinion for any Male intending on Traveling to Thailand Compulsory Reading Should Be  “Private Dancer” A Novel by Stephen Leather.  If They Haven’t Read it they Shouldn’t be allowed on the Plane!!! Having been in Thailand for quite some Time  It is the most Realistic Portrayal of Life here and The Jackals Preying on Unsuspecting Males!!! Get a Copy, You will be Shocked and Unbelievable it is so Close to Reality I have seen it Myself!!!

Cheers Ian.

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