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Mass Media Visit!!!



On Sunday we had a Mass Media Promotion Visit ( The reason for me Rushing home from Loei! ) This Event was Organised by “Nok Air” and “T.A.T” ( Tourism Authority of Thailand ) and had Reporters from all the Major News Papers including “The Bangkok Post” and “The Nation” Plus Most of the Major Magazines in Thailand. Also Present were a few TV Channels!!! They want to Promote the North of Thailand especially Chiang Mai as the Adventure Capital of Thailand not Just a Cultural Centre!!! So Flew all these People up to show them around. Great Publicity and good for Chiang Mai and the X-Centre in Particular as they Spent all Day here!!! We were Very Honored to have been Chosen as the Main Attraction Visited out of all that is available up here and  They gave most of Our Attractions a Go and Interviewed Both Long and Myself to see what we thought of Tourism and Thailand??? They seemed to Have a Great Day and were all Happy and Excited when they finally left so look forward to some Good Reports coming out soon!!!

Here is a Picture of most of the Group together!!!


Everyone seems Pretty Optimistic about the Future and Tourism in General so looking forward to the next couple of Months to see how things go???

Reported in the Newspaper recently is the Plans for a Major “Movie Theme Park”  to be Constructed here in San Kam Phaeng so someone has Money to Spend, Great Stuff!!!

Have a Great Day.

Cheers Ian.

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